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Hope Community Church

God's Family Pursuing God's Larger Story

We Are God's Family

We believe that the local church is God's hope for the world.  He frequently refers to the church as his "family."  It is God's desire that his family be equipped to pursue spiritual life together through a real life engagement with God's Word.   That is why we prioritize the teaching of the Bible in weekly gatherings and also discipleship in the Bible through our small discipleship groups that we call "Missional Communities."  

We Pursue Life In God's Larger Story

We believe that as God's family we have been offered a completed new way of living.  God desires us to be in close fellowship with him as he writes his story of redeeming and restoring all people to himself.   We make it our aim to grow in fellowship with him as his disciples and walk with him to make disciples locally and globally of all of his lost image bearers.

Global Mission Partnerships

Central Teaching LIVE

Join us Sundays @ 9:00
1300 Tinsman Avenue, Williamsport, PA. 1770l

The Gospel of Mark comes to life!

The Chosen is a crowdfunded, award winning media series that reenacts the stories that we are learning about in the Gospel of Mark.  Watch and see a real life picture of what the story of Jesus could have looked like.


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Address: 1300 Tinsman Avenue, Williamsport, PA 17701     Phone: 570.980.2100     Email:loyalsock@experiencethehope.com

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